5 Features That Would Make Twitter for BlackBerry Even Cooler


Twitter for BlackBerry is a great official Twitter app that gets a lot of use from the average BlackBerry user. Back at the Chirp conference, we learned a lot about how Twitter for BlackBerry is responsible for a very significant amount of daily tweets and signups. The recently leaked software roadmap tells us that in the next couple of months we should expect the app to get upgraded to 1.1. Here are 5 things that we hope make it in the next release:

1. Picture previews - There should really be more picture formats supported in the feeds that give previews. There are some new photo apps that are sweeping the mobile app space and it would be great if Twitter for BlackBerry could support a preview function for them in the way it does for Twitpic. One of those apps is Instagram. With over 2 million users, Instagram is significant enough that it should be considered.

2. Multiple accounts - Anyone who is serious about Twitter has more than one account. Whether it’s your personal and work accounts, or a project you have on the side, support for multiple accounts is fast becoming an essential feature of any Twitter client.

3. Bit.ly Pro - When the Twitter for BlackBerry client shortens your links, it uses Bit.ly but does not allow you to connect that to your own Bit.ly account. This would be a great feature for anyone who is interested in knowing the effectiveness of their mobile social media actions.

4. Block and Notifications - It’s common courtesy to follow those you have met and are following you but you may not be interested in hearing what they have to say. For someone who manages a brand, these features are helpful in sorting through the noise. You can clean up your stream and get notified if any keywords or particular events are tweeted from certain accounts.

5. Klout Integration - Klout is an interesting company and while I don’t really agree with their metrics, they’re fast becoming an important tool for businesses to reach the appropriate audiences. It would be great to see some basic Klout integration to add a little more context to profiles you see in Twitter for BlackBerry.

I think RIM has made an excellent decision in making an official Twitter client, but they’ve built it with the consumer in mind and less the business professional who uses social media for work. A lot of the features they build seem to be based on what affects the most number of users, thereby following and not leading in software. By building the above, they’ll have a Twitter client that is more attuned to what power users need.

  • http://caspan.com Caspan

    Good points Kyle I also wrote a blog entry for just 1 option. The ability to filter my stream (http://caspan.com/?p=248). Maybe I don’t get Twitter and that is what most people are saying but why do I always have to look at a stream of post I have already read? Why can I not treat it like an inbox and delete things I have read? I only want to see new content! Give me the ability to still access the stream but some of us are actually organized and want to delete of flag tweets for follow up but I cannot find the tree because of the forest!

    I know some people tell me they are following 500+ people and I ask them how they can possibly read that much information and they say “I don’t I just browse through it and pick out the good stuff” this blows my mind! whats the point in following someone what if they tweet something important you should have read? It’s like we went back to the stone ages in tech with Twitter. Am I the only one that sees this as RSS feeds but just in a different design and more restrictions?

  • http://about.me/kylemcinnes Kyle McInnes

    I guess it depends how you want to use Twitter. A lot of the guys I know who are really big on Twitter don’t even bother reading their feeds and instead look at the mentions which are easier to sort through.

    But this got me thinking about Twitter paywall. I wonder if Twitter could implement a feature whereby the only way to unlock a “Protected Tweet” would be to pay. The end user sets the value. Like the NYT you would obviously have abuse and a black market, but it would be an interesting way for the smaller but still popular Twitter users to monetize their accounts.

  • Yello_melloxox

    ummm so exactly how do we get this app.. or hasn’t it been made yet S: