An Overview of OS 6.1, Next Generation of Super Apps, BlackBerry Platform Development and More


BlackBerry OS Roadmap
BlackBerry Application Development Roadmap

At the BlackBerry Developer Day RIM had several slides for developers that did everything from outline the BlackBerry Platform at large, to some specifics about OS 6.1 and the roadmap for 2011. From the slides, we can see that RIM sees the next generation (read OS 6.1) of apps will leverage the following:

  • Super App status
  • BBM Social Platform
  • Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • Augmented Reality
  • Enhanced Map APIs
  • Barcode APIs

It’s great that RIM is opening up these APIs and features because they will not only complement existing apps, but some developers will find ways of using 1 or 2 of these features to create an excellent app for the BlackBerry Platform. Click through for more slides and info you may have missed.

NFC is one of the most interesting features of not only BlackBerrys in 2011/2012 but also Android devices. With both RIM and Google on board (Apple probably won’t implement NFC until later in 2012), there will be a significant number of devices with NFC capabilities. In the above slides, RIM outlines some pretty cool use-cases for NFC including:

  • Accessory pairing
  • Smart posters
  • BlackBerry to BlackBerry Data sharing
  • Custom tags
  • Payment
  • Transit
  • Access control

Hopefully the implementation of NFC will be such that the average user will understand the technology. Even now you find some users who aren’t using Bluetooth because the technology requires an awkward pairing process that doesn’t lend itself to the laymen.

Augmented Reality will be a big part of the new Super Apps on BlackBerry and RIM has taken the time to give developers APIs and features to help them create these types of apps. One of the major features is a Window API that lets the developer create overlays on mapps and native app surfaces. This has some very compelling implications for BlackBerry apps.

BlackBerry 6.1 will also feature:

  • Geofencing APIs
  • Simplified Location APIs
  • Dyamic Mappables
  • Geospatial Building Block Framework
  • Ansynchrnous Geocoding APIs
  • Styles Framework

BlackBerry Developer Overview
The above slides give you an overview of the BlackBerry platform

Here are some more slides that give Tips and Tricks for app development as well as information on the upcoming BBM Social Platform, AIR Development for PlayBook and Webworks development.

BlackBerry Development Tips and Tricks
BlackBerry Development Tips and Tricks

Adobe AIR Development for the BlackBerry PlayBook
Adobe AIR Development for the BlackBerry PlayBook

WebWorks Development for BlackBerry PlayBook and Smartphones
WebWorks Development for BlackBerry PlayBook and Smartphones

BBM Social Platform and App Monetization
BBM Social Platform and App Monetization

  • Hardened

    Something I found interesting in the last slideshow “BBM Social Platform and App Monetization”.
    Page 34 ‘Key Statistics’ regarding BlackBerry App World.
    at the top of page 34 quoted “2 million Average Daily Downloads”, yet
    at the bottom of same page quoted “3 million application downloads per day” ?!?!
    2 million /= 3 million avg /= per day. Unless RIM is specifically defining App Word Downloads vs Application downloads; their not being clear about it or they don’t have the full facts right.

    ^ NOTE to RIM … be CLEAR in your factual statements going forward and REVIEW them!!