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We’re always curious which developers are submitting a portfolio of apps to App World. In this case, we’re more concerned with apps such as a game, utility or IM client, and much less so an eBook, audio book or theme. It’s a difficult process to compile a list of popular developers because there isn’t a good way of sorting through the data to find who has submitted a large portfolio of apps. In order to do this, we’re simply starting with the developers we’re familiar with through BlackBerryCool, and doing a little searching on the side. This article will get better as more people comment their findings too, so feel free to comment the developer’s vendor page with the number of apps they’ve submitted and we’ll add them to the list. Click through to read about some interesting developers.

Magmic 55 games (minus 145 themes)

From Magmic’s About page: Magmic is a world-leading publisher and developer of mobile content, with over 100 titles in action, sports, casino, puzzle, retro and multiplayer genres. Magmic publishes across mobile platforms including iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone 7, J2ME, Brew and other handsets.

The Jared Company - 27 (26 utilities even though only 6 in Utilities category)

From The Jared Company’s About page: Our apps make your life simpler, safer and better through the effective use of BlackBerry® technology. No games. No funny faces. Just useful, real-world applications that power up your BlackBerry®, turning this robust tool into everything from a low-cost GPS tracking device to a life-saving medical alert.

Ebscer - 12 (7 games)

Ebscer is an independent developer of simple and engaging games for BlackBerry, as well as a few other app types. Not only are the apps compelling, but Ebscer is one of the few developers who is actually engaging the community by blogging for his own site, as well as sites like BlackBerryCool and BerryReview. The content is always compelling because it’s from someone in the industry with numbers to back up theory.

Motek Americas Inc. - 30 (minus 15 themes)

From Motek’s About page: Motek Mobile has been building applications for mobile devices and smartphones since 2002. Our dedicated team of experts has a rich and deep understanding of today’s technologies and has developed efficient, cost-effective development solutions to get products to market.

ShaoSoft - 10 utilities

We don’t know much about ShaoSoft other than he seems to be a CrackBerry forums moderator as well as a developer. He has a pretty solid portfolio of products and can be found on Twitter at @Shao128.

Bellshare GmbH - 12

Bellshare have submitted a variety of cool “berry” branded apps such as BerryWeather, BerryBuzz and BerryPopup. The apps this company makes are pretty solid and while the portfolio isn’t enormous, the apps have been pretty consistently in the top paid ranks and probably generate a decent amount of revenue.

Spice 21 (games 12)

Spice looks to be an app development shop out of India. According to the company about page: Specializing in development across a broad spectrum of platforms - BlackBerry, J2ME, Symbian, Windows Mobile and more; our growing portfolio today boasts of titles that provide easy access to information, enable learning and entertainment on mobile, mobility solutions for enterprises, and more.

S4BB 84 (minus 20 eBooks and 5 language audio books)

S4BB has a pretty large portfolio of apps (79 that can be considered true apps). We’ve given them quite a bit of flack on this site because we’re sick of apps like MemoryBooster, but as a company they do have some quality stuff.

Here is some info from the About page: S4BB Limited is a young, leading edge Hong Kong based company specialized in the development of mobile applications. Their BlackBerry products are market leading and cover nearly all aspects of what is possible on a mobile device. They provide applications for the mobile market like ebook readers, ebook readers bundled with ebooks, games, productivity applications, administration tools, wallpapers, videos optimized for mobile devices, mobile VoIP solutions, desktop applications for preparing data for your mobile device, multimedia mobile applications, applications combining famous web services with mobile platforms and even more interesting mobile products.

XIMAD INC 33 (12 games)

XIMAD is a pretty cool development shop that makes apps for multiple platforms. At first, we weren’t writing about the company because it was releasing apps such as fact books which we thought too closely resembled eBooks. Since then, the company has started putting out some of the coolest games we’ve seen on BlackBerry and it’s still going strong.

From the About page: Founded by San Francisco based entrepreneurs in late 2009, XIMAD and its outsourcing partner, XIM, Inc has been able to assemble a rather unique team of world-class creative and engineering talents with a goal of bringing to life revolutionary concepts and ideas and to redefine conventional mobile gaming and reading as it exists today.

Electronic Arts (76 games 1 theme)

Electronic Arts is a huge gaming company that has been in the business a long time and has made millions off the industry. The company’s history in mobile has been a huge disappointment every single time we review one of their games, mostly because all they do is lame ports. Recently, the company acquired Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds, and hopefully it will help them make better games for mobile. Also, the company is making Need 4 Speed for the PlayBook and from what we’ve seen it looks really awesome.

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    Learn More About Some of the Developers Submitting to App World