The Need for Marketing Standards Across App Stores


A&T marketing requirements
The above shows some of the marketing requirements needed to submit to AT&T

Anyone who has a portfolio of apps and multiple sales channels knows the pain of submitting marketing assets. Whether it’s App World, Mobihand, AT&T, VCast or Rogers Mall, they all ask for their own ridiculous banner, splash and screenshot sizes. Many industries have benefited from clear standards, and the various app stores around the world need to come to an understanding of marketing standards as well. The computer peripheral market has benefited tremendously from adopting standards, so lets get the app stores on board with a set of standards as well; for everyone’s sake.

The manufacturers should be the ones to set the standard as they’re the ones generating the vast majority of the revenue. Developers are almost doing app stores like Vcast a favor by letting them carry their apps so the least the carriers could do is ask for the same marketing assets that App World or the Ovi Store asks for and save the developer time and money. Doesn’t jive with the carrier’s app store? Well they should be rewriting their app store code so that the carousel, icons and description character counts are all the same.

Any developers want to rally together and boycott the carrier decks until they change? Who’s with me?

  • Eric at Ebscer

    Part of the reason my applications are not available in the Vcast store

  • Kyle McInnes

    and yet, if they just took the same assets as App World it would take just a couple minutes to submit.

    Vcast even wanted a “proof of concept” proposal they had to approve before I could even be considered to submit to the store.

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