FileScout Releases Data on Downloads and Purchases by OS


The above graph shows downloads of FileScout for 45,000+ users based on OS

We had some great feedback on our post talking about whether it makes sense to develop your app for any pre-OS 5 devices. Matthias of and developer of FileScout was kind enough to share some data and add to the discussion.

Based on 45,000+ downloads for FileScout, it looks like OS 4.3 was really only around 40 users and 60% of users were on OS 5. There are also 2 users downloading with OS 6.1. Click through to see the rates based on actual purchases.

When it comes to actual purchases, OS 5 still reigns supreme:

Here are the stats for those who purchased licenses.

Matthias let us know that these numbers are coming direct from his server and therefore the numbers include both App World and Mobihand channels, making it a little more accurate than pure App World numbers.

To refresh your memory, here is how RIM breaks down paid apps:

This chart comes from RIM’s site where they show some OS stats.

Comparing FileScout and RIM’s figures, we can see that OS 5 is far more important as a target OS. Another significant difference is the number of OS 4.6 devices that have downloaded the app versus purchased. It could be that a lot of these users have pirated the app or that OS 4.6 users are more adverse to purchases.

Want to add to the debate? Share some App World and Mobihand stats with us.

Be sure to check out FileScout and other apps by Matthias at

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