BBC Claims RIM Has a “Security Issue” and Lazaridis Cancels Interview

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Mike Lazaridis sat down for an interview with BBC Click to talk about the PlayBook and when the conversation turned to questions about RIM’s presence in the Middle East and India, the interview was abruptly canceled. The issue was that the interviewer, Rory Cellan-Jones, said that RIM had a “security issue” which clearly disappointed Mike L. We’ve been hearing Mike L talk about security for years and you can see the pain and frustration in his eyes when the interviewer used the term “issue”. Lazaridis responds with “we don’t have a security issue” and says that RIM is just being singled out because of their success worldwide. It’s too bad that Cellan-Jones botched the interview because they could have had a really interesting conversation about the PlayBook and what it means for the BlackBerry smartphone.

View the interview, or at least a snippet of it, at this link.

  • gaucho1

    Very disappointing to see MZ answer that way. If you see the interview (at least from a normal viewers perspective) the BBC reporter is asking a fair question. And it is now been viewed around the world. Surely he could have had a better answer to get over it.

  • Hardened

    The Composure and the Professionalism that Mike L displayed - alone just makes me want to work for RIM, AGAIN!!

    Mike is right this is a National Security issue that singled out RIM because of it’s airtight security model and promise to maintain it!

  • Hardened

    No they do NOT. Its not a fair question … security from RIM’s delivery model and devices has NOT been a major breach - dispite 1 single legit attack via SMS in over 10yrs of deployment.

    The issue is with Government of India and Pakistan NOT wanting to comply with the delivery model and is forcing RIM to not have a business model there - by squeezing local providers to put the squeeze on RIM. Government has already approved RIM to legally do business there. It’s the governments not properly implementing national security or having local security issues NOT RIM.

    Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, Italy, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, etc do NOT have a SECURITY isseu with RIM.

  • Aidan

    Thumbs up to Mike! It is time to fight back the criticism and envy generated by american media. U.S. is the underdog and the bully of the world. US forcefeed the public with their biased news, they use their media power to control the world.

  • PaulUK

    In the UK most journalists pose provoking questions to ensure that interviews don’t turn into glorified product promotions. It was deliberately asked to generate discussion and MZ failed to be able to hold that discussion.

    Instead of acting the victim and looking to hide behind his PR team off camera MZ should have rised up to the journalist’s question and discussed how there is no global issue and that there are local concerns from certain governments that RIM need to address.

    When you work in business you need to be able to handle tough and unfair questions in a mature manor.

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