Grindr for BlackBerry Ditching Free Version and Going Grindr Xtra Only


Grindr is the hottest all-male hookup app and social network and they’ve recently announced that going forward, they will only be supporting Grindr Xtra, the premium service. Apparently there is “simply not enough ad inventory to have an ad-supported version of Grindr for BlackBerry.” The latest build of Grindr for BlackBerry contains a trial of Grindr Xtra and the Grindr Xtra Store.

To install, follow these steps:

1. You MUST delete all previous of Grindr from your device. (From your BlackBerry’s home screen head to Options>Advanced Options>Applications and delete Grindr)
2. Once Grindr is deleted you must reboot! (if you are not prompted to reboot press alt+right shift+delete)
3. Once your BlackBerry has rebooted open this URL in your BlackBerry browser:

4. When the pop-up appears to install Grindr check the box to edit permissions before installing.
5. Set ALL permissions to allow and then install Grindr

Looking for a review of Grindr? Read Johnny Makeup’s. It’s the best review of probably any BlackBerry app ever written (NSFW).

  • embarrassed

    Ooops. I didn’t realize that I was subscribed on the wrong site for my sexual preference. I will drop my RSS subscription today.

  • Glad everyone is catered for

    We don’t all have Playbooks, we’re not all attracted to the opposite sex.

  • Glad everyone is catered for

    We don’t all have Playbooks, we’re not all attracted to the opposite sex.

  • Erwinkarunia80

     yippeeee…i can download Grindr on my BB Torch… ^^ #happy

  • Paul

    All great, but the link to get Grindr Xtra doesnt work! :-(

  • A_j999

    pls share with me.
    my bb is 26084311

  • Mjjmatias

    Is there any way of going back to the regular non-extra version of grindr? I installed the extra free trial version but it will expire today and I notices in your comment that you intend to go back.

    It is unfair for the BB users comparing to the iphone users! Since the market for BB is much larger that the iphone!

  • Paul

     Tried that - all I get is ‘Download failed - 907 Invalid Cod’ (what on earth fish has got to do with a gay site, God only knows!).

  • Paul

    Oops - forgot to delete old Grindr first. Have done so and link works perfectly! Thanks.

  • webby

    hey is this for the torch 9800? I just had a email telling me grindr is now working for bb torch but when you click download in th email bb app world still tells you its not supported on bb torch?  please help?

  • Chriistopherr

    why can’t i download this :( 22913DA5 help?

  • Mau_428

    Pls help! Can’t download :( 236DBC4C

  • Hayeslad69

    If I follow these steps ill my device I’d number change? Only my account was banned and I need a way aroind this please!w

  • Synergenial

    Grindr is making some very unfair moves, and I’m seeing more and more complaints.  They are making Blackberry owners pay for Grindr “services” (because Grindr allegedly cannot get any advertising dollars, even though I saw plenty of advertisements). 

    Grindr is starting to strike me as greedy users of the gay population, of which there are many.  We deserve better.   

    Take a look at other avenues. 

  • Raffa_82

    Why is that bb bold 9900 can’t download grindr extra please explain me !! Hmmm sad I buy expensiv but just for download grindr can’t!!!!

  • Goran-1990

    i have deleted grindr on my bb but cant downlowd it agine??!! any1 can help me??x

  • R A Heron


  • R A Heron

    Deleted Grindr and now I try downloading it from Appworld, it prompts saying “Unavailable for this device” I have a blackberry torch, i’ve tried everything from (alt+RST) and everything else. Had it before so my mob should support it? can anyone help me? my pin is 261B094D
    Taa :)

  • Nickrivera725

    How did u download it on your torch? 281F867A

  • helpjason

    I have the black beery bold from verizon and I keep getting a message saying that grindr is not approved for my device. Anyone else having this issue?

  • Lovekelvin

    hi. can guide me to down load  grindr? my pin 2279bf4f

  • Roy_clubbers1988

    may we get grindr link free for blackberry 9800 without use my credit card first, please

  • Roy_clubbers1988

    how teach me 2760d8af

  • Lovekelvin

    hi. how do you download free version ?2279bf4f

  • terry

    Why can’t I get grindr on my blackberry for free

  • Dru

    I think our apps are better than Grindr!

    Check out website out at the same time!!