Yahoo! Launches App for Emerging Markets



Yahoo! laucnhed an app for consumers in emerging markets where lower-end devices are the point of entry for the Internet. The app lets users in these regions access Yahoo!’s services more easily and gives them access to mail, messenger, Flickr, Fantasy Sports and Finance, with fewer clicks. Features of the Yahoo! app include:

  • Once downloaded, it remains persistent on the device, making the full catalog of Yahoo! services easier to use and discover
  • Reduces need for typing long URL’s into the mobile browser
  • Surfaces Yahoo! services that consumers may not have known about
  • Makes it easier to discover snippets of interesting Yahoo! news, sports and financial information throughout the day by surfacing everything in one place

To download the Yahoo! app, head to GetJar at this link. The app is available for BlackBerry, Nokia (Java & Symbian OS) and Sony Ericsson Java mobile phones.

  • Davidrose10

    RIMM’s stock is tanking today after analysts agree the company can no longer be trusted in it’s guidance. The “new” Blackberries to be introduced next week with the desperately rebadged “7.0 OS” have already been rejected by a market waiting for ONX and new designs. Worst of all, the horrific execution issues surrounding the launch of the Playbook have cast doubt on RIMM’s ability to launch the QNX in a timely and effective manner to save the company…..

    Yet NONE of this vitally important news appears on BlackBerryCool, only measly dead morsels of rat waste that already smell.

    Is that to distract from the real news, BlackBerryCool? Or are you afraid to address the truth and have admitted you are HackBerryDrool, a bought-and-paid-for sight that fails in the most basic way to be the so-called “voice” of the BlackBerry community?

  • Kyle McInnes

    We didn’t write about the OS 7 rebrand because I fail to see how it’s big news. It’s just a version number and we knew the QNX smartphones would take a much longer time to reach the market. Back in January I predicted they won’t hit until 2012:

    Also, we wrote about the stock today.

    So we’re trying to keep up but there’s a lot of people that make up the “voice of the community”