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Rogers Announces LTE Will Launch in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Ottawa in 2011


Rogers LTE

Rogers has announced that they will be launching LTE (Long Term Evolution) in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Ottawa in 2011 with the top 25 markets across the country coming online in 2012. Rogers claims the LTE network will be capable of download speeds of 150 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 70 Mbps. These numbers will of course fluctuate based on your mobile device. LTE will enable the following:

  • Everyone will be able to watch streaming movies and live HDTV on their mobile devices, with crisp picture and virtually no buffering or delays
  • Friends and families can video chat seamlessly – as natural as talking on the phone, with virtually no lag time
  • Gamers can play their favourite multiplayer games from almost anywhere
  • Businesses can implement a truly mobile workforce that is both as efficient and secure as a traditional workplace

To learn more, head over to

Magmic Relaunches New York Times Crosswords With In-App Subscription Service


Magmic has launched a new version of New York Times Crosswords for BlackBerry that features in-app payments for subscriptions. The app features a free week of daily puzzles and it’s free to download. There are also a variety of subscription services you can choose including one month, six month or one year subscription rates. As far as we can tell, this is the first app to use the BlackBerry Payment Service to provide subscriptions.

The New York Times Crosswords is the only officially licensed app and has an archive of over 4,000 classic puzzles as well as lets you participate in the Daily Puzzle. Other cool features include:

  • Send messages and compare your solve times with friends online
  • Compete against top players via the online leaderboards
  • Write in ‘pen’ or ‘pencil’
  • Solve puzzles on the grid or directly from the clues list
  • Automatic highlighting of related clues
  • Check or reveal letters, words or the entire puzzle

Magmic also let us know that while they have limited device support for launch, they’ll be spending this week back-filling device support so stay tuned. Your device should be supported very soon.

Check out the New York Times Crosswords in App World at this link.

Audrey Draw is a Simple and Fun PlayBook App for Your Kids


Audrey Draw is a simple app that lets you scribble colors on the PlayBook and let your child’s imagination run wild. Here at BlackBerryCool, we’ve given a lot of attention to kid-friendly apps because we know a lot of BlackBerry and PlayBook users that are on the go and have children to take care of as well. On a long plane ride somewhere? Just pass them your PlayBook (in a case/cover) and let them paint. There’s no mess to clean up afterwards and you’re getting them familiar with the tools of the future. Audrey Draw features:

  • True multi-touch draw
  • Multiple pen sizes
  • Multiple background paper textures
  • Ability to save drawings
  • Unobtrusive, friendly, slide out menu

Audrey Draw is a good start and we’d like to see a few more features including the ability to email a drawing from the app. If your kid is going to be the next Picasso, those scribbles will be worth something some day.

Check out Audrey Draw in App World at this link.

Grindr for BlackBerry Ditching Free Version and Going Grindr Xtra Only


Grindr is the hottest all-male hookup app and social network and they’ve recently announced that going forward, they will only be supporting Grindr Xtra, the premium service. Apparently there is “simply not enough ad inventory to have an ad-supported version of Grindr for BlackBerry.” The latest build of Grindr for BlackBerry contains a trial of Grindr Xtra and the Grindr Xtra Store.

To install, follow these steps:

1. You MUST delete all previous of Grindr from your device. (From your BlackBerry’s home screen head to Options>Advanced Options>Applications and delete Grindr)
2. Once Grindr is deleted you must reboot! (if you are not prompted to reboot press alt+right shift+delete)
3. Once your BlackBerry has rebooted open this URL in your BlackBerry browser:

4. When the pop-up appears to install Grindr check the box to edit permissions before installing.
5. Set ALL permissions to allow and then install Grindr

Looking for a review of Grindr? Read Johnny Makeup’s. It’s the best review of probably any BlackBerry app ever written (NSFW).

TrueNorth Avionics Connects Your Smartphone In-Flight Over Iridium Satellite and More


TrueNorth Avionics Founder Mark Van Berkel highlighting products such as their BlackBerry emailer

Ever wondered how Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis stay connected even as they spend so much time traveling between countries? Well they do it thanks to a company called TrueNorth Avionics, based in Ottawa, Canada. The company partnered with RIM to give them an airborne solution for their corporate fleet and have since grown the company to support all smartphones and more solutions.

The TrueNorth OpenCabin platform is modeled after a smartphone app platform that allows you to add features and capabilities much like adding an app. The integrated suite of apps lets you modify your system as your needs change, without needing major hardware upgrades. Some OpenCabin features include:
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