BlackBerryCool Launches New Store for Apps, Games, Themes and More


BlackBerryCool is now working with Bplay to serve apps, games, themes and ringtones. We still have a mobihand account so you can find your apps on our store. The difference is that the site no longer links to Mobihand and we’re going to be working with Bplay to help build their app catalog. This new change won’t affect coverage in any way, and the only difference is we’re making it easier to find premium content. Here are the links to our store sections:

The main store page is at
Our games page is at
Themes can be found at
Ringtones are here

Also, be sure to check out the mobile versions as they’re fully optimized and look great on touchscreens. Enjoy!

  • Robuster

    great p0st about blackberry, thank for share :)

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