Otterbox Makes BlackBerry PlayBook Defender Series Case and It’s Huge


otterbox playbook defender series

While at the BlackBerry World conference in Orlando this past week, I was given the opportunity to check out all kinds of BlackBerry protective gear. The company that stood out the most to me was Otterbox. Being the klutz that I am, protective gear for my BlackBerry is always of utmost importance.

I was able to chat with Otterbox, who hooked me up with a black Commuter Series case for my Bold 9700, and a hard plastic stand for my PlayBook. What’s nice about their smartphone cases in particular is that they don’t add a whole lot of bulk to your phone. They’ve got a sleek style, and unlike some other smartphone cases, it doesn’t make my BlackBerry look like a half-morphed Transformer.

The latest case from Otterbox is the Defender Series for the PlayBook. While your PlayBook is pretty much guaranteed to survive a nuclear holocaust inside this case, it’s bulky and little archaic looking. Considering that the mobile industry seems to be heading down the ‘thinner and smaller’ path, it seems a little backwards to have such a large, albeit light-weight, case for a tablet. But the Defender Series case isn’t targeting the thin and sleek market, but rather the tough and sturdy. This case would be perfect for construction workers in the field or soldiers in rugged terrain.

Otterbox, based out of Cork, Ireland, also makes protective cases and durable upright stands for most tablets, eBook readers, and almost all varieties of smartphones. Most cases are also made in waterproof versions. Prices for cases range anywhere from $9.95 to upwards of $100.00, and for the most part, they’re worth every cent.

So if you’re a clumsy fool like me, and you’d like a little peace of mind concerning the safety of your BlackBerry, check out the premium protective
gear from Otterbox. Your devices will thank you for it.

  • Derek Konigsberg

    I know someone who has one of these cases for his iPad. It definitely gives it the bulk of a small laptop, but I also like how it includes a stand. The main out-of-the-box physical issue I have with the PlayBook is that there isn’t a provided means for propping it up on a table. However, I also like that its thin enough that I can cram it in a large pocket for a few minutes.

  • Horia

    Definitely the stand is important. It would have been cool if they made that a hardware feature of the PB

  • Econ Hlp

    I’m getting the Royce Leather playbook case. looks beautiful and comes in genuine leather