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RIM Gives Anonymous Response to Anonymous Open Letter



Today, an anonymous open letter from a supposed “high level exec” was published and it drew enough attention for RIM to respond to said open letter with its own anonymous response. Written by simply “Research In Motion” on the official BlackBerry blog, the post responds by pointing out that RIM is ending a transition period and is addressing the issues brought up in the letter. To recap, here are the issues brought up:

1) Focus on the End User experience
2) Recruit Senior SW Leaders & enable decision-making
3) Cut projects to the bone.
4) Developers, not Carriers can now make or break us
5) Need for serious marketing punch to create end user desire
6) No Accountability – Canadians are too nice
7) The press and analysts are pissing you off. Don’t snap. Now is the time for humility with a dash of paranoia.
8) Democratise. Engage and interact with your employees — please!

Generally, the points are really solid but maybe it wasn’t a good idea for the source to put the article on something like BGR and not internally where these issues can be addressed behind closed doors. On the other hand, maybe it takes hitting the media for RIM to actually recognize these issues need to be fixed yesterday and “we’re working on it” isn’t really good enough. Take the open letter from Jamie Murai as an example of things that developers have been complaining about for a while, but nothing has happened until it was published across the web for all to see. Sometimes you need to be humiliated into making things better and perhaps this letter may just do the trick. View the full letter at this link and head over to Inside BlackBerry for the response.

-Written by anonymous “BlackBerry Cool”

New Digital Chocolate Games Crazy Penguin Assault and Sky Diving Challenge Available


Crazy Penguin Assault

There are two new Digital Chocolate games in the Bplay/BlackBerryCool store and they both look like really fun casual games. Crazy Penguin Assault is reminiscent of Angry Birds in the sense that you launch a penguin from a catapult and watch the damage it does. The game has a ton of features including the ability to play over 50 levels in Campaign Mode or blast away in 20 explosive new Frenzy Mode levels. There is definitely a lot of value for $2.99.

The other game is Sky Diving Challenge: another fun casual game. In Sky Diving Challenge, your goal is to collect as many points and power-ups as you plummet towards the ground. Obviously you have to open your parachute before you hit the ground. SDC also gives you a lot of value for your dollar and features 40 levels in Career Mode.

Don’t forget that Bplay is also currently running a 40% off promotion until July 4th. Enjoy! Follow the promo link and look for these two new games.

BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac Version 2.1 Now Available


desktop manager for mac

BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac v2.1 includes media sync support for the BlackBerry PlayBook. In addition to being able to drag and drop files directly to BlackBerry PlayBook over USB or WiFi, you can now use Desktop Software for Mac to sync music, photos and videos with iTunes and iPhoto over USB.

Grab the latest version of Desktop Manager for Mac at

Bplay Celebrates the Holiday Weekend With 40% Off Sale


canada day

It’s Canada Day and Independence Day for all of our Canadian and American friends over the next few days, and Bplay is celebrating the best way they know how: they’re taking 40% off ALL themes, games, and apps for BlackBerry until 12:00am on Monday, July 4th! And since the boys over at the Bplay office have added a new coupon system to the site, adding a little fun to your BlackBerry has never been easier. All you have to do is click the link below, and it will take you directly to the Bplay store and automatically apply the discount to anything you add to your cart (though subscriptions and ringtones are not included in this offer).

There’s a ton a great content for BlackBerry at the Bplay store, and now you can get it for cheaper than at App World.

Follow this link to the Bplay/BlackBerryCool store.

RIM Releases BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Social Platform SDK 1.0


foursquare BBM Social
An example of the BBM Social SDK in Foursquare

The BlackBerry Messenger Social Platform is available from RIM and it should really help developers spread their apps and increase downloads. It’s also great for the BlackBerry nation as you’ll be able to share your favorite apps with friends. BBM has over 45 million active users worldwide so the potential to increase total downloads from App World is huge. Obviously, the benefits will only be seen if developers actually integrate the BBM Social SDK into their apps, but the value proposition is obvious. Click through to read more about the SDK.
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App Stores Face Challenges in Taiwan with Consumer Protection Laws


taipei taiwan
Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan’s consumer protection laws stipulate that all consumers are entitled to a seven-day trial period after purchasing any products via Internet. This law apparently extends to apps as well, and the Taiwanese government has already fined Google Tw$1,000,000 ($34,600) for refusing to grant customers their trial period. Apple has already changed its Terms of Service in order to be compliant with local law and Google has given consumers 15 minutes to decide whether they want a refund after buying an app. BlackBerry apps are also being sold in Taiwan but there hasn’t been any word on whether RIM has been forced to change its Terms of Service to be compliant as well.