RotationLock App Free For a Limited Time Only So Grab It Now



Accelerometers are fast becoming a standard in smartphones and with the Torch being a popular current device, there’s probably a lot of users out there looking to lock their screen and prevent it from rotating. There’s also some upcoming devices with accelerometers such as the Monaco and Torch 2.

S4BB let us know that their RotationLock app is free this month on App World so you better grab a copy now while it’s still free. The app lets you lock our screen in the position it currently is in. Ideal when you use your phone as navigator, write an email or watch a movie. Other features include:

  • Adds a menu item to all application allowing you to “Unlock Screen” and “Lock Screen”
  • Specifically designed for the Storm & Torch, however it works also on other BlackBerry devices.
  • Compose emails in landscape mode or browse memos in portrait mode or any way you wish!
  • Slim design makes that this application runs silently in the background.

Check out the app in App World and get it for free for the month of June only.

  • Samaste march

    Black berry tourch is best business cell phone.  In it their are so many application which are so advanced and giving great accessibility to user.  It touch screen and like it button touch is also active. Backberry achieved some great things. 

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