Wakeful Talking Alarm Clock Drops Price to $4.99


Okay, maybe a cliched April Fool’s prank but still really funny.

Wakeful is a great alarm clock app that wakes you up with a male or female voice giving you the time of day as well as the day’s news headlines. The app has some great features at the moment such as daily stock updates as well as news tailored to your location. What we’re most excited about is Wakeful as a platform. Imagine being able to customize the app with your site or app’s traffic or download statistics. Ideally, you could also be able to feed custom RSS links into the app and get top headlines from sites of your choosing.

As of today, Wakeful has dropped the price of their app and it’s now available at $4.99.

Random question: do you use the male or female voice? We always assumed the female voice was used most of the time because it’s more pleasant to wake up to, but we had a BBCool reader say that his wife won’t let him use the female voice because she doesn’t like waking up to the sound of another woman in their bedroom. Needless to say we laughed our asses off while rolling around on the ground.

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