Deckster Turns Your iPod Nano into a Sweet Time Piece Reminiscent of a Tape Deck

Comment Promo Spot from n-product inc on Vimeo.

This has to be the coolest promo video ever made.

This may not be directly BlackBerry related but a lot of BlackBerry users probably have iPod Nanos for music. Even though you may have your music stored on your BlackBerry, you have to admit that it’s easier to jog and exercise with a Nano versus something like a Torch. Deckster is a really cool product we’ve come across that turns your iPod Nano into a watch that can play music, show the time, and do everything that an iPod Nano can do. The design is what really sets this device apart from the competition too. The Deckster is designed around a Pop+Lock™ System that is reminiscent of a cassette deck. The Deckster opens and closes in a smooth motion for easy insertion or removal of the Nano.

Another interesting aspect of Deckster is that it’s fully crowd-funded. You can support Deckster on the new crowd funding site CKIE, where you can pre-order the Deckster at a special price and get some cool rewards.

For all you entrepreneurs out there, we also highly recommend you watch Deckster co-founder Dom Coballe’s talk with Gary Vaynerchuk.

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