GPSLogger II now Available Free on BlackBerry App World


GPS Logger II is a free all-in-one GPS solution for BlackBerry. Born out of the success it’s predecessor, GPS Logger II has been fully re-written from the ground up with plenty of new features. This most impressive of these features is the ability to share your location with your BBM friends.

Here’s a list of new features:

  • Improved Logging
  • BlackBerry Maps
  • More Views
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Location-sharing via email
  • Configurable status bar
  • New keyboard shortcuts
  • More info: your current climb in percent
  • More info: Average Speed over the past minute
  • Distance alerts
  • BBM: invite contacts to follow you
  • BBM: invite contacts to try GPS Logger II
  • I’m excited on how developers are using BBM integration to increase functionality and boost app visibility. Download GPSLogger II today at BlackBerry App World.

    • Matthias Marquardt

       Thanks for the post Matt - important to know is that the BBM-features requires BBM6 to be installed (which is currently still in BETA). If BBM is not present on the device GPSLogger II will still run (just without the BBM-features)… As soon as BBM6 will be available GPSLogger II will detect it’s presence and enabled the BBM-features right away.