Magmic Announces Over 600,000 Active Accounts for Texas Hold’em King Live


We’ve written about Magmic’s Texas Hold’em King Live several times because it’s probably the most advanced BlackBerry game in terms of features and monetization strategy. First, the game uses in-app purchases to allow poker players to buy more chips in order to play. Second, the game features its own in-app advertising that shows ads for other Magmic titles. Third, the app uses Pretzil integration to give users access to a plethora of avatars that can be used in-game. There are more great features such as their social integration, but we feel these three features really set them apart.

Recently, Magmic announced that it has passed over 600,000 active player accounts. This number translates into over 7,000,000 “All-Ins” and over 50,000,000 hands dealt over the last 6 months. These numbers add to the already impressive numbers for the THK franchise. Over the years, Magmic’s THK franchise has over 50 million installs across 5 major platforms. These guys were in the business of huge downloads before Angry Birds came around.

Hit the jump for THK Live’s feature set.

Texas Hold’em King Live features:

  • Free-to-Play: Each day you’ll receive free chips that can be taken straight to the tables
  • Cutting-edge graphics and easy-to-use interface
  • Socialize with players from all over the world with our BBM-like in-game chat system
  • Unlock over 35 unique achievements
  • Customize your avatar with Pretzil or choose from over 30 HD pre-built images

Upcoming Features:

  • Tournaments – Sit-n-Go and Deep Stack monthly tournaments
  • More Payment Options – integration with BlackBerry Payment Services to allow our users more ways to stock up on chips.

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  • Caspan

    You know the one reason I hate this game is? You never get a chance to look at your hand. It just goes blip blip and you have 3 seconds to look at the hands and you have won you have lost.

    Please for the love of god slow down this final part and give users a chance to read the hands and understand the play. Every single game does this! I understand online play has to keep moving but when you are playing the computer there is no reason to hurry people up.

  • THK Live

    Hi Caspan,

    In THK Live at the end of a hand, we pause the action for 7 seconds (depending on connection strength) and the game reports who had the winning hand both visually, and with text in the chat box.

    If you’re commenting about other THK products (2 or 3) then ensure you have “Turbo” turned off - You should have plenty of time to evaluate your hand, and your opponents.