Gym Technik Updated with Better User Interface and Experience Improvements


Gym Technik

We haven’t mentioned Gym Technik on BBCool for some time now but since summer is upon us, we thought we would mention the latest updates to the app. Gym Technik is a great app for monitoring your workouts and getting the most out of your fitness routine. In the latest version of the app, new features include:

  • Streamlined user interface navigation
  • Improved account setup and management
  • Fix to exercise order discrepancy between web and BlackBerry app
  • Fix to workout edit function on the BlackBerry app
  • Better visual scaling of the body stats graph improving visibility of smaller fluctuations
  • New “Getting Started” guides
  • “Workouts” will appear as the app name, rather than “Gym Technik”

To download Gym Technik, head over to their site for an OTA link or check them out in App World. The company has also let us know that it will be rolling out more updates over the course of the summer so stay tuned.