BlackBerry Bridge Now Available for AT&T But Users Must Buy Tethering Plan


This was sort of sketchy wasn’t it? RIM made the announcement that BlackBerry Bridge is available to AT&T customers but put a note about the requirement of a tethering plan in tiny letters at the bottom of their post. The note says:

**Note: AT&T users must have a tethering plan included with their wireless service plan to take advantage of the Bridge Browser. To enable tethering on your BlackBerry smartphone, go to or dial 611.

It’s this kind of behavior that makes your customers think you’re trying to pull a fast one on them. Sure, customers will figure it out anyways, but to write it in a note at the bottom in your post in tiny print is misleading and it insults your customers’ intelligence. The tethering plan costs an additional $20 per month and it would have been nice for RIM to come clean about this fairly huge issue and not try and treat it like it’s unimportant or try and hide it. Many are commenting on the announcement post, angry about the addition of a tethering plan, and RIM could have avoided this by simply addressing the issue and perhaps offering some form of compensation. It also speaks to the fact that perhaps RIM having its own blog isn’t such a good idea. RIM should also be more upfront about the tether issue because it apparently conflicts with what the CEO told cNET which is that the PlayBook will offer tethering for free.

  • key_reign

    On every other carrier Bridge IS free, and has been since the Playbook launch. Only AT&T held off until now to release Bridge and decide to charge for it. Saying RIM should compensate for it is like saying Chevrolet should compensate drivers because Exxon raised the price of gas. RIM created the product with Bridge capability, but in the end it is carriers who decide on what they will charge to use it. It is not RIM’s fault that AT&T is so greedy as to not offer this functionality at no charge like other carriers.

  • Jim

    I agree with you 100%. Take it up with your carrier. 
    I don’t pay a single cent extra, and I can bridge all I want using Telus.
    If you are not happy, tell your carrier that you are not happy being charged extra while other carriers do not rip their customers off. 

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