Latest OS Breakdown Shows 5.0+ Constitutes 68% of All BlackBerrys in Circulation


This breakdown by Eric at Ebscer shows OS 5.0+ makes up for 90% of purchases

RIM has released the latest App World OS breakdown numbers with the latest data from May. According to their numbers, OS 5.0 and 6.0 make up 68% of all BlackBerrys in the market. Some other interesting facts include the fact that 31% of free app downloads come from an OS 6.0 BlackBerry. Again, OS 5.0+ dominates and 88% of free app downloads in App World originate from them. OS 6.0 accounts for 54% of all paid app downloads, so it should be obvious to any developer that OS 6 support is a must.

Head over to the DevBlog to see the official numbers.

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