Germany’s IT Security Agency Warns of “Critical Weaknesses” in Apple’s iOS


pdf warning in ios

The average consumer simply doesn’t care about security today, but they will in 5 years. You can’t go an entire week without reading a story about the Chinese Government or some hacker group trying to access an individual or corporation’s private data. As smartphones become more ubiquitous, users are going to buy more of the smartphone platform that affords them more protection against malware and potential theft of personal data.

Recently, Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security warned that clicking on an infected PDF file “is sufficient to infect the mobile device with malware without the user’s knowledge” on several versions of Apple’s iOS operating system. A statement filed said that cyber criminals could access confidential information such as passwords, online banking data and emails.

  • Caspan

    The consumer will not care about security until it effects them personally. Most people I talk to say “Who cares if they get my info” they have this feeling of they won’t get anything if they get in so why waste my time, “I got nothing to hide”. This kind of attitude drives me nuts because A. I am a security person when it comes to personal information (LOL Ask Census Canada what the get from me when they call my house, I am on my 6th call now) and if you email me or have contact with me then I am guessing my personal information is on your device and you won’t protect it. B This is backward thinking to wait until it is a problem before doing something about it. Be proactive instead of reactive to a growing problem. C Because the average consumer does not care, it makes the rest of us vulnerable to attacks from your machine or device.

    I really wish the government would hold these companies responsible for these attacks. Every company that stores personal data should be held to a personal information policy that forces them to follow strict rules for protecting and storing my information including an OS. If the company has be found to be negligent in the process of protecting my data then they will get hit hard. Security must be an on by default way of thinking.