Blaq Twitter Client for the PlayBook Updated with Lots of Features and Fixes


blaq for the playbook

One of the best things about a tablet is simply reading. The form factor is perfect for reading eBooks, keeping up with the news or scrolling through a Twitter timeline. One of our favorite Twitter clients for the PlayBook is Blaq and the app has recently been updated with a host of features and fixes. One of the best features is being able to manage multiple accounts. The app costs $1.99 but the update is free.

Grab a copy of Blaq from App World at this link. You can also hit the jump and read more about the specific features.


Mentions show as new on refresh
“Remove Photo” stays after tweeting a picture
Composed tweet runs behind avatar
Cannot send a tweet with special characters
Fix composed tweet with … turning into shortened URL
Real-time streaming fails after upgrading to OS 1.0.6
User can only retweet once then only old-style RTs afterwards
Keyboard doesn’t show up on reply or compose


Scroll to top by double tapping respective icon
Show lock when account is protected
Maximize Web view
Delete tweet
Pull-down Options Menu (non-functional)
Trending topics
Link hashtags to search
Better support for non-english languages when displaying tweets
Progress bar for image upload
New reply icon
In-app notification system
Link @ mentions to profile card
New search icon to toolbar


Compose icon from toolbar


Minor cosmetic changes and performance improvements