Sling Golf for PlayBook Getting Huge Update with New Courses, Characters and More


If you haven’t played Sling Golf for the PlayBook then you should definitely check it out now. Sling Golf is a fun, cartoon golf game with unique characters and courses. You swing your club in a sling motion, hence the name, and make your way through some really odd and challenging holes. BoldCloud let us know that they’re working on a big update to be completed this weekend, with App World approval and launch soon after. The update will feature:

  • 3 new courses (Beach, Cemetary, and Fall).
  • 2 new characters ( A Lion and a Polar Bear).
  • Some animated transitions between the new courses.
  • Links to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
  • A “Buy Full version” button on the “Sling Golf Lite” product.

Check out the full version of Sling Golf at this link.

Check out the free Sling Golf Lite at this link.