Tawkon Updated With More Features for the Paranoid Smartphone User


Like Steve Jobs, we’re not really interested in Tawkon but it’s great to see that the company is still working on its product and releasing updates for BlackBerry. The thing to remember about Tawkon and cell radiation is that the amount of radiation you receive to your head follows the inverse square law. By using your headphones and text-based communication more, you’re reducing the amount of radiation to nearly zero. If you’re still paranoid and use a lot of voice minutes, you may appreciate these new features:

  • Pre- Call –prediction mode allows you to measure your current exposure levels to help you make smart decisions when placing a call.
  • In-Call Alerts – Real-time notifications let you know when you’ve entered a harmful radiation zone and provides situation-based suggestions to help you minimize exposure.
  • Post-Call Statistics – post call summary displaying how much radiation you’ve been exposed to and the percent you’ve avoided during a specific call or over time.
  • New! Weekly Personalized Reports - tawkon’s latest release provides a weekly message to your BlackBerry Integrated Mail Box, displaying your weekly exposure to mobile radiation and how much radiation you’ve avoided using tawkon.

The full-featured version of tawkon is available for free, and this week only, Tawkon is offering a 50% off sale on the premium Ad-free version via Mobihand.

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