Xobni and Evernote Launch Gadget to Track Notes on Address Book Contacts


Evernote is a great app that’s used by millions. The app is a simple note taking service that syncs with the cloud so you have your notes anywhere you go, regardless of platform. Evernote and Xobni, our favorite contact management solution, have partnered on an Evernote gadget in Xobni that allows you to take notes on your Xobni Contacts, browse your notes and associate your notes with a contact - all while syncing with your Evernote account. Features include:

  • Search for a contact in Xobni to see any notes that you have taken that include that person’s name or email address.
  • Create a new note for a person or company and it’s automatically associated with the email address and name of the person for whom you are creating the note.
    Search Evernote right from your inbox to find and associate any note with a person or company in your Outlook inbox.

To access the Evernote gadget, you’ll need a free or premium Evernote account with Xobni for Outlook 2.0, which is a free download.

Head here to get the Evernote gadget.