AT&T and DubMeNow Partner on Education App Platform for Students


Demo of the DubMeNow platform.

AT&T has announced a new cross-platform app platform called Campus Guide, which lets students, faculty, alumni and staff access campus information right on their smartphones. Community members can check out upcoming events, catch up on university sports scores and read course materials as well from within the app. The platform is possible due to a partnership with DubMeNow, a company we’ve covered before on BlackBerryCool. AT&T Campus Guide offers nine different features:

Courses: Students can connect with classmates and professors in real-time using AT&T Campus Guide, viewing grades, assignments, announcements and detailed class information.
Events: Wondering when the next big game is? Not sure when exams start? The events calendar on AT&T Campus Guide provides important dates and times for campus happenings.
Directory: Search and browse contact information and connect with other students and faculty, without paging through a campus phonebook.
Maps: Freshmen, visiting students and alumni will particularly appreciate campus maps and turn-by-turn directions between buildings.
Notifications: Timely notifications announce school cancellations and remind students about overdue library books, tuition payments and more.
News: Find the latest campus news, sports scores and Tweets – all in one place.
Friends: An always up-to-date and backed-up address book of all students’ classmates, friends and campus contacts. Any time students lose or replace their phones, they can just reinstall the AT&T Campus Guide app to their new phones and all of their contacts are restored.
My Card: Students can easily share their customizable contact information to keep in touch with their friends, classmates, potential employers, alumni and advisors..
Info: Looking for more information? Click on Info for miscellaneous details about campus.

AT&T will begin pre-selling AT&T Campus Guide on July 29th. Schools that participate in the pilot period (July 29th through September 29th) will receive the application free of charge until October 1st.

For more information on AT&T Campus Guide go to this link.

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    We’re excited about the partnership with AT&T and in bringing a new way for students to interact with their schools and communicate with other students. Look for more new feature and partner announcements around this product coming soon.

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