SugarSync Updates With Cloud-Based SD Card Sync and More


Today, SugarSync released an update to their Blackberry app, making it easier than ever for Blackberry users to sync, backup and share all their data from their Blackberry device.

New features in the latest version of SugarSync include:

  • Direct folder sync for offline use - Blackberry users can now select any folder on any computer and sync it locally to their Blackberry for offline use.
  • SD card sync to the cloud - users can sync photos directly to eth cloud without the need for cables or connecting to your PC.
  • Added security with pin code - get an added layer of protection with the ability to enable a pin code in order to access the SugarSync app.

With the new Direct Folder Sync to BlackBerry for Offline Access feature, BlackBerry users can now select any folder on any computer and sync it locally to their BlackBerry for offline access. The new SD Card Sync feature allows you to sync your photos and folders with the cloud, essentially giving you unlimited SD Card space. On top of all this, you get the added security in the latest SugarSync app with a PIN code to access the app.

It looks like the industry in general is moving towards the cloud and while it was a common complaint that BlackBerrys didn’t come with enough storage due to SD Card limitations, the cloud will definitely solve this issue.

In terms of pricing, SugarSync is free to download and the company offers a free 5GB version of the full service, with paid plans starting at 30 GB for $4.99/month or $50/year.

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