Rumor: PlayBook Native Email in September and QNX Smartphones Ship With Android App Player


Bloomberg is reporting some interesting rumors based on three anonymous sources at RIM. According to these sources, we’re hearing some much needed news about the upcoming QNX smartphone and native email app on the PlayBook. Continue reading for more.

According to these anonymous sources, RIM’s upcoming QNX smartphone will run Android apps (we sort of knew this). What we didn’t know is that it won’t come as an update, but will rather come preloaded with the device. This is going to be huge as consumers will be picking up devices with access to a huge library of apps.

The sources are also saying that the PlayBook can expect a major software upgrade in September that will add a native email app as well as BBM. We have heard separately that the BBM app will be based on a unique PIN, and we’re not sure if this is a positive or negative for existing BBM users on smartphones. We’ll have to see when it’s live.

Head over to Bloomberg to read the original story.

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