TweetBook Twitter App for the BlackBerry PlayBook from Smarter Apps


It’s sort of strange how long it’s taking RIM to come out with an official Twitter app for the PlayBook. Perhaps it’s for the best though because it’s giving developers an opportunity to create Twitter apps and make a few bucks. One such app is TweetBook from Smarter Apps. This app has a really decent feature set and is worth checking out. Click through to learn more.

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TweetBook is made to look and feel like a native Twitter app for the PlayBook. With TweetBook, you get features such as the ability to search, browse, send images, send messages, and follow your interests and friends. Even when RIM does come out with a Twitter app for the PlayBook, features such as multiple account support are going to be what sets this app apart. TweetBook also takes advantage of the BlackBerry PlayBook’s built-in camera, allowing you to directly take and upload images to your tweet.

Other features include:

  • Multi-Pane Window Design
  • DM Notifications (BlackBerry PlayBook Home Screen)
  • Mention Notifications (BlackBerry PlayBook Home Screen)
  • Threaded Messaging
  • Portrait and Landscape functionality

TweetBook is available for USD $4.99 in App World.