PlayBook OS 2.0 Screenshots Shows Native Email, Calendar and Social Features


A Chinese blog has leaked screenshots of the upcoming PlayBook OS 2.0. The blog claims the leak comes from one “berry person” who on Sina, claims to be a “Southern District Sales Manager”. That’s pretty brazen considering how risky it is to your job to leak. Continue reading for screenshots and details.

PlayBook OS about screen

From the screenshots, we can see both Bridge Email and another icon that says Messages. We’re to assume that the non-bridged icons are the native PIM apps, and it’s interesting to see that the two will be side-by-side. Wouldn’t I not need the bridge apps if I have native ones?

From the screenshots, we can also see the little green Android robot which could be the Android player. While we knew it would be a separate launcher, it kind of would have been cool if the apps downloaded from App World and loaded without someone knowing whether it was an Android or BlackBerry app. Is it necessary to differentiate?

The blog that leaked the info goes on to talk about how embedding Chinese language support is going to really help Chinese sales and they praise RIM for all the work they have done supporting Chinese developers. It should be interesting to see how big the Asian DevCon gets this year.

Click here for the leak source Sina blog.

Click here for the original blog post.