Breezy Remote Print Solution Launches Location-Based Printer Search


Breezy is a really cool startup that we’ve been following that offers a remote print service along with a robust API. The company provides a secure printing solution that gives you lightning fast printing as a user, or allows you to add printing functionality to your app as a developer. Recently, the company announced a new GPS search service for users. Click through for more details.

The latest news at Breezy is that the company has launched the Breezy Partner Network. This network allows users to search for nearby locations on the Breezy network using GPS (perhaps cell tower as well), and print to those locations directly form the device.

Also included in the latest news is that Breezy is now available for iOS. This is one of the few California-based startups we’ve seen that has started on BlackBerry, seen a tremendous amount of success, and then moved to iOS second. It just goes to show that a startup needs to consider the right platform to launch on and it isn’t always iOS. .

Head over to Breezy to check out the Partner Network at this link.

Check out Breezy for free in App World.

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