6 New Apps for the PlayBook, iOS and Android [Roundup]


Welcome to this week’s edition of our multi-platform app and game roundup. We like to stay up to date with what’s happening on the three major smartphone/tablet platforms and this week we have some pretty awesome looking games. Check out what’s happening on iOS, Android, and BlackBerry this week. More after the jump.



Halloween is on its way, so why not gear up with the latest in zombie fun on iOS? PaperZombie is a hack and slash style game that’s filled with fun and hilarity. The object of the game is to defeat the waves of zombies by swiping or tapping the screen to use your weapons. The zombies, as you might have guessed, are made of paper, so your weapons consist of sharp and/or flame-shooting objects. The trick is to not accidentally slice or shoot the humans who are also fleeing from the swarms of zombies. The game features an in-app purchase component that allows you to buy ‘zcash’ to upgrade your weapons and more.


Finally, the official Blogger app makes its way to the iOS platform. Blogging on the go with this app is super easy and convenient. It’s a great accessory for bloggers of all types and especially for photo-bloggers who prefer to post on the spot because you’re able to take and post photos right from the app. It also allows you to do accomplish virtually everything you can do with the web client, such as selecting the blog (if you have more than one), save drafts or publish immediately, view lists of saved drafts, and also adding a location to your post using your phone’s GPS system.


Muffin Knight

A fairy tale platformer, Muffin Knight is full of action and decently in-depth character development. The adorable storyline is about a little boy who was tasked by a fairy godmother so collect all of the magical muffins that have gone missing throughout the world. The trick of the game is that every time you collect a new muffin, you morph into a different creature. The object of the game is to collect every last muffin so that the old fairy godmother will turn you back in to a human. The game has great graphics which utilizes the new capabilities of the Unity engine, so you know you’re in for a real treat.


Originally a best-selling BlackBerry title, BeWeather has made it’s way to the Android platform and is making some waves. What people seem to love the most about this weather app is that it is highly customizable, meaning that you’re able to personalize the app’s theme (background, font, notification options) You basically get everything you would get with a regular weather application in addition to HD video of current weather conditions, moon phase information and tons more.

BlackBerry (PlayBook)

Slot Zombies for PlayBook

Zombies meets gambling? We’ve seen it all now. This is exactly what the title suggests: it’s a zombie themed slot machine for the BlackBerry PlayBook. It seems ridiculous (and it is) but it’s also-surprise, surprise-very addictive. The same basic rules of casino slot machines apply to this game. The only major difference is that there’s a secret bonus round that can be unlocked at a certain point where you get to go crazy on a swarm of zombies with a shot gun for bonus points.

Egg Masher for PlayBook

This game is another pointless yet entertaining game that was clearly inspired by Half Brick’s hugely successful Fruit Ninja. However, the only think you’re slicing and smashing in this game are eggs. The object of the game is to smash as many paint filled eggs as possible without missing them. If you miss three eggs, the game is over. This game is a good boredom killer.

Have you played any of these games or tried any of these apps? Do you know of any new and cool apps that you think we should write about? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page!

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