UPDATED: Great Deal: Mobilicity BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 for Free With 12 Month Plan


Mobilicity has a pretty awesome deal on a Curve 3G - free with a 12 month contract. It could be that since the new Curve has been announced, Mobilicity is offloading its older stock. The Curve 3G is a solid BlackBerry with few frills but still gives you that solid messaging experience. More after the jump.

To get your free Curve 3G 9300, you have to purchase a 12 month, $55 Multi-Month plan. This plan gives you unlimited local talk, unlimited text and picture messaging, unlimited data, unlimited global text messaging, unlimited Canadian and U.S. long distance, voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, 3-way calling, plus the popular BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS).

This is a really solid deal that goes into effect in two days, on September 21st. To put it in perspective, Rogers sells the Curve 3G for $9.99 on a three year plan. Be sure to head into a Mobilicity store near you.

UPDATE: We’ve made an error in this post by misusing the word “contract”. To be clear, Mobilicity doesn’t have contracts. The company allows customers to buy multi-month plans upfront (in this case 12) to discount products. The free BlackBerry comes with the purchase of a 12 month multi-month plan.

If you price out our 12-month Multi-Month plan – adding on $5/month for BIS (to enable full data use on the free 9300), it actually totals more than the $469.99 price of Mobilicity’s new promo. The phone is not subsidized – it is a free gift with purchase.

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    Sheesh! In three years this phone will be a relic!

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    This phone is still a good one and it’s worth to get one if it’s a good deal for those who can’t effort the new Blackberry devices such as the Bold 9900 or the Curve 9360!