Making Enterprise Grade Security Easy in Mobile App Development


Pyxis Mobile and RIM put a presentation together for developers looking to make secure enterprise applications. If you’re a developer or in a company that’s planning a mobile strategy, you should check out this presentation. More after the jump.

Making Enterprise Grade Security Easy in Mobile App Development: Blackberry and Pyxis Mobile from Pyxis Mobile on Vimeo.

According to Pyxis Mobile:

Pyxis Mobile and Research In Motion give a deep-demo presentation on enterprise-grade security in mobile app development. Discover all the key features on BlackBerry devices that deliver the highest levels of data security available. Learn how the Pyxis Mobile platform makes it fast and easy to implement financial-grade security including data encryption, user-level security and integration with authentication systems. This session is ideal for IT professionals charged with creating and maintaining enterprise data and mobile-device security policies.