BlackBerry Partners Fund Selects Most Innovative WebWorks Apps


The BlackBerry Partners Fund has been searching for the best WebWorks apps (web apps for BlackBerry) and the winners have been selected. The apps are competing for the most innovative BlackBerry WebWorks app for the BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry smartphones (based on the OS 6.0 or higher). Each region had a winner. Click through for more details.

The winners for each region are as follows:

North America:
Grand Prize Winner – Guitarist’s Reference and Guitarist’s Reference Torch (vendor: My App Catalog LLC)
First Runners-up – Meeting Cost (vendor: Hindam Innovation Corp.)
Second Runners-up – Light ’Em Up (vendor: Thomas Kiefer)

Europe, Middle East, Africa:
Grand Prize Winner – Daily Express UK (vendor: Refresh Mobile Ltd)
First Runners-up – Twinoo Lite (vendor: Razum d.o.o.)
Second Runners-up – Interlecta (vendor: Interlecta OOD)

Asia Pacific:
Grand Prize Winner – Shogomo (vendor: Quintell Business Intelligence Pte Ltd)
First Runners-up – Chatmosphere IRC Chat Finder (vendor: Mobile Ventures Pty Ltd)
Second Runners-up – Rock Paper Scissors (vendor: MMMOOO)

Out of all of them, it looks like Shogomo is the most interesting app. According to the description:

Shogomo is a web-based mobile shopping platform that connects retailers and consumers, anytime, anywhere.
With shogomo, retailers can open mobile stores or join mobile marketplaces, easily and instantly. Consumers can browse, share, and order deals, using shogomo™ apps that are built for mobile devices, from the ground up.

All of the winners will be recognized at DevCon and prizes include placement on the App World featured carousel; BlackBerry smartphones and BlackBerry PlayBook; membership in the BlackBerry Alliance Program; BlackBerry accessory gift certificates; and more.

  • CrackBerry Bla1ze

    Uh.. how does an app, that barely even works get ranked: Second Runners-up – Rock Paper Scissors (vendor: MMMOOO) — It doesn’t even load right and it NEVER has connected for it me.