Free Zombie Attack Game with 100 Levels and Incredible Device Support


Smarter Apps has one of the most successful games for BlackBerry based on Angry Birds called Angry Farm. The company has recently taken its success in the catapult game genre to a new franchise called Zombie Attack. Zombie Attack is a free game that is available for a huge number of devices ranging from the 8100 to the 9930. More details after the jump.

Zombie Attack by Smarter Apps

Zombie Attack is a free game with 100 levels so you’re definitely getting a lot of bang for your free buck. The game won’t necessarily be free forever so make sure you grab your copy now.

Smarter Apps has given users an interesting in-app purchase to help with the game: a $0.99 nuclear bomb. When you purchase the bomb, you clear any level but you can only use it once per hour.

Check out Zombie Attack in App World and get your free copy pronto.