How To Port Your Android Apps to the PlayBook


If you’re an Android developer, the PlayBook and BBX is an incredible opportunity to get more downloads/purchases. Estimates put the PlayBook sales around 700,000+ and it’s arguably a better platform to develop for as its user base is known to be more affluent and spend more on apps. There are a couple ways you can port your app to PlayBook and we highly recommend you do it asap.

A step by step walk through on testing the compatibility of your Android app for PlayBook.

Here at DevCon, there is a team at RIM that can help you port your Android application to PlayBook. RIM has conveniently set up booths where you can bring your code over and get your app running on PlayBook and tested right away.

If you’re not at DevCon, you can head over to the following link and go through RIM’s step-by-step process to get your app ready for PlayBook.

Click here to hit go through the Android app porting process.

You can also watch the above embedded video to get started porting your Android app to PlayBook and BBX.

If your app uses some Google-specific calls to function, it obviously won’t be able to be ported to the PlayBook. But there are a ton of games that should run perfectly on the PlayBook so it should be interesting to see what pops up.

According to RIM, there are no source code changes and all you have to do is simply repackage your app. We’ve seen some demos of some pretty awesome apps such asPulse, a pool game, and the IMDB app.

  • mProductive™

     Always thought it interesting that RIM has made it easier for Android devs to port apps to playbook than for BlackBerry devs who have writtten native apps for BlackBerry smartphone to port to Playbook.