Mike Lazaridis and Alec Saunders Talk App World and Developer Community #BBDevCon


We’re here at BlackBerry DevCon and Mike Lazaridis as well as Alec Saunders are on stage to talk about some cool things we can expect from App World, as well as the general developer community, in the coming months. Some things to expect include a better developer portal, enterprise apps, and more outreach from RIM to the developer community. There’s a lot going on and while we’re not sure exactly when this stuff is available, it’s great to see it’s coming. More after the break.

RIM has announced that App World will now feature an enterprise apps section to complement the “BlackBerry Balance” initiative. This makes a lot of sense as it’s a well known fact that there is a consumerization of enterprise going on these days and employees are consumers too and they want apps. IT on the other hand wants to know that the data is safe and an employee isn’t going to copy and paste sensitive data into Facebook. From what we’ve seen, RIM has done a great job of separating the work and pleasure apps, by creating a separate, password protected, work section on the device. From there, IT can control everything about the use of these apps, and the user can download to their heart’s content.

Alec Saunders took the stage to talk about some of the initiatives and branding around the BlackBerry developer outreach that will be happening in the coming months. Basically, everything is branded “Jam”, as in “come jam with us”, but the important thing to note is that they’re going to be focusing more on hackathons, meetups and providing developers everything and anything they need to make apps for the platform. Some things we can expect in the near future include:

Ad Service 2.0
Payment Service 1.5
Scoreloop Social Gaming Service

Here are some interesting stats around App World:

130 markets
5 million average daily downloads
26 currencies supported
46,000 apps available
a billion downloads reached in June 2011
Carrier billing in 16 countries

The last half of the presentation went on to dispel some common myths about the BlackBerry platform. It’s all stuff we know but the mainstream media needs to be reminded of. Facts like BlackBerry’s market share is increasing, BlackBerry users download apps and those apps are making money for developers. Alec finished off his presentation with a solid move: providing your email address to everyone and asking for feedback.