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Questions Answered About BBX, PlayBook 4G and Native PIM Applications


Not too long ago we posted some screenshots of the native PIM applications on PlayBook and there was an incredible response. Many people wanted to know more about these apps and the infrastructure behind it. We’ve compiled a list of questions and answers that should shed some more light on these PIM apps, how they integrate with RIM’s infrastructure as well as some upcoming features of PlayBook OS 2.0. There’s also some interesting notes on the PlayBook 4G release and more. Needless to say, we’re very excited for this to finally launch.
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Developer Evangelism: A Few Notes for Samsung and Microsoft


I’ve recently attended two events featuring developer evangelists with Microsoft and Samsung for Windows Phone and Android/Bada respectively. The events had very similar speakers that touched on many of the same points for both platforms. Both would talk about the specs of the latest devices, the APIs and features around the respective platforms. What they were both missing in spades, was any real business case for why someone should develop for the platform.
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Why Do You Care What Smartphone Someone Chooses?


Have you ever been at a bar or dinner with your friends and someone sees you with a BlackBerry and says something like “you have a BLACKBERRY?!” like you just pulled out a KKK membership card? It goes both ways too. BlackBerry and Android users are just as annoying when it comes to mocking or questioning someone’s smartphone choice. People have started to internalize their smartphone choice and its become something they have to vehemently defend to their friends and colleagues. How did we get here? Do you question any other consumer product choice? You never hear “I can’t believe you bought a GILLETTE razor?!” .
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Slacker Radio Now Compatible with Ford SYNC


Slacker Radio, purveyor of internet jams, is now playing nice with Ford SYNC. As of this writing, you can download version 4.1.22 via BlackBerry App World to update your device. should be updated soon to allow for the download there as well. Once you’ve updated, bugs from prior versions will have been squashed and you’ll be able to blast music via Slacker on your BlackBerry and control it via In-Car Command and Control by Voice Using SYNC AppLink. Check out the press release below to see the compatible vehicles.
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Rogers Now Carrying BlackBerry Bold 9790


The BlackBerry Bold 9790 is essentially a smaller, more compact version of the BlackBerry Bold 9900. Here at BlackBerryCool, we love the Bold 9900′s form factor because it’s reminiscent of the old Bold 9000. The original Bold 9000 is one of the most iconic BlackBerrys and represents a heyday for the company. If you’re looking to get one, we’ve heard from our pal RogersDude69 that it’s now available at Rogers.
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The Toronto Star Launches PlayBook Optimized Site Via Pressly


Pressly is a really cool service that takes a publisher’s existing content and formats it so it’s optimized for tablets. Pressly is predominantly focused on the iPad but the content is formatted with HTML5 and thus looks great on a PlayBook as well. Soon, there will be several major publishers all leveraging Pressly for their tablet content, but for now you can check out The Toronto Star.
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