Startups: Apply Now for the ExtremeU Accelerator Program


Xtreme Labs is a development shop which has a venture capital wing called Extreme Venture Partners. BlackBerry users may recognize some of Xtreme Labs’ handy work with app such as Fixmo, Unify4Life, and others. Exteme Venture Partners has announced a new year of ExtremeU, an accelerator-type program that provides seed funding and mentorship to startups.

Some of the industry collaborations include members from the above companies (RIM, Facebook, Twitter, Autodesk, Google and Microsoft.

ExtremeU has been running during the summers of 2009 and 2010, and the 2011 application is available now. The program is aimed at mobile and internet startups and it’s a great opportunity to get some seed funding and most likely follow-up financing. According to EVP, “startups that have graduated from the ExtremeU accelerator program have gone on to raise millions in follow-on financing to achieve key milestones for platform growth and profitability.”

Startups that are selected receive $50,000 in seed funding to get the startup up and running. Also included in the ExtremeU package is weekly mentorship from seasoned entrepreneurs, weekly personal mentorship sessions and office space in downtown Toronto.

Head over to this link to apply now.

Go here to learn more about the program.

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