Free Zombie Attack Game Now Includes 200 Levels


Smarter Apps let us know that they’ve updated their free Zombie Attack game to include 200 levels (a bump up from the previous 100). Zombie Attack is definitely worth a download as it’s a fun Angry Birds style game with a cool “nuke” feature that lets you skip levels for a dollar.

Zombie Attack features a nice array of weapons to blow up zombies with and the levels can get pretty tough. We’re curious to know how many people have beat level 100, and the success of the in-app bomb purchase. Apparently, the Mighty Eagle feature in Rovio’s Angry Birds makes them a decent amount of revenue and perhaps the bomb will pay off for Smarter Apps.

Click this App World link to download Zombie Attack for free.

  • Arparise

    I love this game! Highly addictive! Score 3 on most levels, have reached level 158 and keep pressing on!!!  Can’t put the blackberry down!!!!!!!!! If i can download it for my PC, let me know!

  • Marge

    how do you pass level 24?

  • Dcostine

    I am pretty sure that they are trying to make you buy the nuke. I cannot get past 24 either. 

  • Mattsuzie

    Just the same. Can’t get past 24 whatever I do and loathe to part with a dollar for the nuke. Has anyone got through without the nuke?

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