EA Launches MADDEN NFL 12 for the PlayBook


RIM is doing a great job attracting getting premium content to the PlayBook. So far, BBX and the tablet OS looks like it has everything that game developers need to make graphic-rich games. The most recent premium game to launch on the PlayBook with RIM backing is EA’s MADDEN NFL 12. The football game is currently going for $6.99USD.

MADDEN NFL 12 trailer

Features of MADDEN NFL 12 include:

  • Choose from the 32 NFL teams. Make trades, track stats, and launch winning strategies from in-depth playbooks, unique to every team.
  • Draw up Hot Routes for passing, running, and defense. Even save your best (or craziest!) routes as audibles.
  • Ultra-sharp gameplay and stunning graphics optimized for BlackBerry PlayBook and even more awesome on an HDTV through the PB HDMI output!
  • Play through an entire 16-game NFL season in when you play in Season Mode

Head over to App World and check out MADDEN NFL 12.

  • Anonymous

    Great game! More please EA!

  • Johncoop145

    Any rumour on FIFA coming to Playbook yet??? Would love that on my device.