• http://twitter.com/mProductive mProductive™

    Yikes, for the developers (yours truly included) who’ve invested heavily in a deeply integrated app experience (ie Super App) the API’s are gonna need to be there for BBX straight away otherwise the plain truth will be that RIM have achieved the following:
    1. Developer must be a complete re-write for BBX (known)
    2. App may not even be able to be re-written as the core capabilities which set BB platform apart as being powerful no longer exist.

    Bumpy road ahead…..fasten your seat belts.

  • http://twitter.com/marquardt24 Matthias Marquardt

    Actually when you create a new API then it’s more then a natural process that it takes a while to sort the things out - simply cause developers will use the API in a way it was not intended to be used on the first run (or you had not thought about a certain use case during the design phase) - this is really a normal process during API Development and RIM made a great job to provide the developers the functionality they wanted to have (or fix the things that just needed to be fixed) and of course these things can’t simply happen overnight - they need some time.

  • Moe

    When it comes to the API’s for the upcoming BBX, RIM is not starting from zero, QNX has been around for ages and has the backing of a established community already. The reason there are not many native apps for playbook is because RIM took a long time to release the necessary libraries (last month).

    RIM is taking a page from apple’s playbook in unifying the OS across devices, in theory any app that works in playbook would work in the BBX phone because it is the same OS and just like any unix like OS screen resolution doesn’t matter because the BBX’s window system will take care of displaying the apps.

    If everything goes as RIM promised, what was released for the blackberry playbook during DevCon could be use to build apps that will work on the BBX phone.