Nine Men’s Morris BBM Strategy Game Now Available Free


Nine Men’s Morris is a two player strategy game that you can play with your friends on BBM. The game itself is turn based and plays like a cross between checkers and tic-tac-toe. Developed at a BBM Hackathon in New York City, the game uses BBM APIs to handle multiplayer making it easy to find your friends and challenge them to a game.

To start the game each player places 9 tokens onto the gameboard, with a random selection determining which player goes first. After all tokens are placed, the players take turns moving their own tokens to try and get three in a row to form a Mill. Forming a mill allows you to remove one of your opponents tokens from play. As with checkers you win after removing all of your opponents pieces, or by placing them in a position where they are unable to make a legal move. Your own pieces are always red, while your opponent is blue.

Nine Men’s Morris for BlackBerry requires a minimum OS of 5.0, as well as BBM 6.0 and supports all touchscreen BlackBerry devices.

Download 9 Men’s Morris for BlackBerry Free at AppWorld.

For 9 Men’s Morris for BlackBerry news, head over to the developer’s web site.