First Impressions of the BlackBerry Bold Touch aka 9790


The BlackBerry Bold Touch 9790 is the latest touch/QWERTY device and it’s a “sister” device to the Bold Touch 9900. The 9790 is destined for the APAC (Asia Pacific) region and it’s smaller and comes at a lower price point. In terms of a product line, it complements the Curve 9380 and gives more options for BlackBerry users in Asia. We spent just a little time with the device and have put together some impressions. Stay tuned for an actual review.

The Bold 9790 is exactly what we love about RIM and BlackBerry. It combines the fast, super-efficient qualities of a QWERTY BlackBerry, and provides a touchscreen experience that comes in handy when navigating apps and menu structures. The fact that this powerful device will also come at a lower price point means that even those on a budget will be able to afford it.

There isn’t much to say about this BlackBerry without going into a full review. A brief experience with the keyboard was very pleasant and while it had a bit of a different feel to it than the Bold 9900 (more of a Curve experience reminiscent of the chicklit keys), it was still awesome.

The fact that you get a Bold 9900-style experience in a smaller form factor at a cheaper price point is incredible. Developers and some industry analysts may complain that it’s continually fragmenting the market, but from a consumer standpoint that doesn’t matter if developers are porting their apps. BlackBerry OS 7 will still have a significant lifespan regardless of BBX, and we expect most developers to make their apps compatible. Many OS 6 apps work just fine in OS 7 and require no extra development work. In the end, the Bold Touch 9790 will surely be a hit in Asian markets, as well as in North America where consumers want a great BlackBerry experience at a lower price point.

NOTE: We claim that the price will be lower but nothing has been announced. We’re simply making the assumption based on the fact that RIM has said during our hands-on that it expects them to be cheaper, but in the end it’s up to the carriers.