First Look: Updated BlackBerry PlayBook Video Chat


Today at the BlackBerry Innovation Forum we got a look at the updated Video Chat app for the PlayBook that will come with OS 2. The video chat UI has been updated and the major change is being able to enter a BlackBerry PIN rather than just the BlackBerry ID. More after the jump.

blackberry playbook video chat

There was no demo given of the new BlackBerry PlayBook Video Chat app so we can’t confirm any of the features. What we can speculate about is that because the Video Chat app now leverages the PlayBook’s PIN, we can assume that the experience of adding people to Video Chat will be much more connected. It doesn’t take much imagination to think RIM will allow you to tap a PlayBook recognized PIN and simply select “Add to Video Chat”. Again, we can’t confirm this but it seems reasonable.

  • Fan-Ir

    No signs of Skype or GTalk for the PlayBook as yet?

  • Pwgillam77

    need more info on entire innovation forum… :)

  • Kyle McInnes

    Okay coming up.

  • Kyle McInnes

    This was purely an event for RIM products. There wouldn’t be any mention of either Skype or Gtalk.

  • Pwgillam77

    Thanks… nice to see and hear some good news! I went to register to attend the forum in my area, after reading your posts… but it occurred this morning. :)

  • Kyle McInnes

    Here you go.

  • Michael Schmitt

    Hmmm…. Another Magic Trick!

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