HOT: White BlackBerry Bold 9900 (Pics)


We just got a white BlackBerry Bold 9900 in house and it’s easily one of the coolest BlackBerrys to date. The fact the Bold 9900 is already the perfect form factor and packs a ton of great features, the fact that this one is white is just that much better. It sounds dumb to gush over the fact that something is white, but it’s a little more than that. More after the jump.

The white BlackBerry Bold 9900 also has a unique battery door. The back feels like it has a rough texture versus the original model’s smooth finish. Other than that, everything is the same, it’s just white. The accessories are white too. If you’re going to pick one up, definitely try and get the white version. The white really makes the keys and everything stand out more and makes the whole device look much more impressive.

More pics below.

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  • Kendo Kokanot

    i wanna get that too, but how???

  • Kyle McInnes

    Wait for your carrier to announce it or grab one and unlock it.

  • Sule Human

    i upgraded my acc 3 weeks ago and they told me that the bold is not available - whats happening?

  • Anonymous

    Dude, you shouldn’t be taking photos of beautiful Blackberrys with that awful iphone4s camera! ;-)

  • Kyle McInnes

    haha I took the pics with the Bold 9900! I’m not a fan of buying a camera when my phone has one. 

  • Kyle McInnes

    What’s an “acc”?

  • anonomouuussss


  • Kyschopp

    Anyone know when t mobile is getting this?

  • Keso Bukia

    Very, very, very good………!

  • Krnlop

    Hi! Where did you buy it? I can not seem to find this blackberry in white.

  • Haylee

    I’ll be getting this phone soon but the thing is that, I don’t know which color should I choose :/ For you guys and gals…which one’s the best for me? cuz I’m a girl so white better for me or black? :)

    Any suggestions would be accepted :)