5 Things RIM Has Done Right


It’s common for media to lambaste RIM and its smartphones and tablet. The company does deserve some of the criticism it receives, but what’s strange is that it doesn’t receive any credit where it’s due. Here are 5 areas where we believe RIM should get more recognition.

NFC Tags Demo

1. NFC - With the latest BlackBerry 7 devices, RIM has made a firm commitment to NFC. There are several devices in RIM’s current portfolio that have support for NFC and the company has been put on record saying there will be many more. In order for all of us to take advantage of mobile payments, merchants need to know that there are enough users out there to warrant the cost and effort of implementing. If smartphone manufacturers don’t invest and bet on this technology, it will never happen. NFC is a chicken and the egg type of problem and RIM is the chicken. I’m not sure if that makes sense but you get what I’m saying.

2. Enterprise - There is a major change in the way enterprise views mobile. It’s called employee liable versus corporate liable devices and there is a growing number of the former entering the workplace. RIM sees this shift and has created a unique BES feature called BlackBerry balance that extends to both the smartphone and tablet. Because of RIM, employees can download apps and be a part of the mobile scene, without compromising the company’s data.

3. Efficiency - You can write an email to someone faster from a BlackBerry than other smartphones. With keyboard shortcuts, universal search and the best keyboard on the planet, a BlackBerry is hands-down the most efficient smartphone. There’s a lot RIM needs to be doing but with regards to making our lives more productive RIM needs not change anything.

4. Openness - RIM has made some great commitments to open source projects and even has a github page over at GitHub.com/blackberry. There are several ways to make apps for BlackBerry these days including HTHML5, Adobe Flash, Java and C.

5. First Party Apps - BlackBerry Traffic, Twitter, Protect and Maps are all great applications. RIM is unique in its ability to own the hardware and churn out a suite of apps that set the bar high for not just other developers, but for the industry.

  • http://twitter.com/Scott_Brian_B Scott B. Barnett

    Agreed…they have done some things right.  What they need is a stronger and better marketing team in the States.

  • Maxmz02

    others drive a car, but in RIM 5 person push a car,  and you say here like anyway it is moving.

    playbook start 2 years ago, 9900 start 3.5 years ago,  like China Qing dynasty 100 years ago,  like I said 3 years ago, RIM is old before grow up.

    it is slow like old man, what you want to say is: look he is still walking……

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DIYEGH4QK4WSNO27BNEX2Z7EAA Bob

    rim needs to market better. As you can see Americans are stupid animals easily brainwashed by corporate media and apple and perfected it. This would explain the countless isheep. 

  • techman31

    are you ten? Apple does not move any faster - they are the world’s largest company and depend entirely on a single phone and a single tablet that gets incremental updates annually. Must be nice to be as slow as Apple yet get praise.

  • roundabout

    In 2009 Intel did a study on Linux and QNX and came out saying that QNX was the best for mobile OS, yet mobile hardware was not advanced or powerful enough to handle QNX. One year later, RIM acquired QNX and packed it into a tablet, then 6 months later launched. Sorry but QNX just couldn’t be around 2 years ago.. but the netbook sized iPad certainly could have been and was. 

    9900′s hardware specs were only created by mankind a year ago - it was not possible to create this 3.5 years ago.

  • Decoy72

    The list of what they’very done wrong is WAY longer! How about building a phone like the Samsung note; a screen large enough to view pdf’s and other documents, ability to easily take notes, an OS that doesn’t hang 5 times a day, a decent camera, etc. These are things that enterprise customer’s need.

    Releasing phones that aren’t technologically speaking two years behind all others would be nice too.

    RIM sucks!

  • Anonymous

    Those problems are limitations of the old BB OS… which is why they spent the past couple years developing BBX to introduce on new phones going forward, sometime next year.  They’re doing something right, but they are a couple years late at doing it…. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TPPKIHLF6KXFG7S5W3TNLXDWKI Ugly

    you are definitely an iSheep. meee meee meeee meeee meeee

  • http://twitter.com/Hardened Hardened

    Have you seen their main page lately? Their getting BETTER at this … this just needs to be down in print, web (beyond their own site) and in billboards. 

  • http://twitter.com/Hardened Hardened

    You’re wrong on the hardware. RIM has been at the forefront with NFC with Nokia over 5yrs now testing in other markets in Europe. Also regarding a 1Ghz single-core CPU … lets see, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Marvel (formerly a unit purchased from Intel), heck even Motorola had a smartphone based cpu for smartphones LONGER than 5yrs now. 

    Research outside of your own known comfort zone or knowledge when it comes to smartphones - yes we all love the cool-aid from our respective favourite OS, thats why it makes it yours/my favourite OS but knowing more makes you a better consumer and with more reply’s pushing RIM beyond THEIR comfort zone. 

    PS: RIM took 3yrs to give us the successor (and 2 bold models) to the 9000 before we had it. If you think competition didn’t force RIM’s hand in this regard you’re your own jester.

  • http://twitter.com/Hardened Hardened

    we’re ALL sheep purchasing what we like - no product is JUST for you and you alone. Irregardless its a known fact, even to many high valued investors of RIM that RIM takes a long time to research and develop a product: 

    9700 took 12mths in the making - this is direct from RIM at launch. 
    9900 same timeline, 
    Pearl was 2yrs in the making - also direct from RIM (9100); and was 2yrs exactly after the 7100 was launched exclusively (originally to T-Mobile USA). 

    Fact remains RIM has stronger competition and the loyalty of their user base is shifting - sure they continue to have increasing subscribers but remember these are coming from “3rd world” regions like Indonesia and at lower margins. 

    Just keep your ear open to the competion it may help BB users speak out to RIM to give them what they want but in the BB device they know and love. 

    case and point: Storm> Storm 2 and finally the Torch 9860! The latter is incredible compared to the others and the original was a knee jerk reaction a BAD move for RIM in any market. They’ve learned. 

  • http://twitter.com/Hardened Hardened

    limitations of the old BB OS. Really?! So you mean 9900 on BB7 going dead in its sleep - ‘affecting a small amount of users” enough to prompt an official statement from RIM is an OLD OS? This is a current issue that they’re working on! Get real. 

    Also Enterprise users cannot upgrade to the QNX based smartphone WITHOUT assurances that 1) Productivity will remain or increase for all user types, 2) works seamlessly and can be managed with BES 5.x, and 3) works with existing Exchange/Domino or GroupWise servers with VOIP support and rapid time for deployment of in-house developed applications. 

    Consumers are NOT RIM’s only focus. 

  • http://twitter.com/Hardened Hardened


    With BB Tags and opening up the API … this will be HUGE!!

    now do a deal with the TTC … too many lawyers with oversize briefcases, students chatting, business users taking TOO long to go into their walets/purses holding up lines at Union station JUST to pay and go through the turnstile. 

  • Anonymous

    Yes, the BB OS is old and can’t accommodate certain features. Which is why BBX is replacing it.

    As for hardware problems, those exist on any platform.  There are iPhone 4S’s that “die in their sleep”… my own iPhone 4S couldn’t even make PHONE calls until I replaced it TWICE (and there are thousands of others on the Apple discussion forums with the same issue). Let alone screen problems, battery problems, and so on.  On the other hand, I know many people with perfectly good iPhones and perfectly good Bold’s — we deployed dozens of them in my company, and they work flawlessly. 

  • German Brot

    Wait.. people still use Blackberry? BB is kinda like Palm WebOS now… Even the US Gov/Military is going Android…
    …this is the only recent topic that actually has people writing comments…

  • Maxmz02

    ID sketch and proposal start 1-2 months before 3D modeling, if 3D model start in Sep. 2008, calculate how long it is.

    SW/HW is only part of a project, and it changed with the chagnge of PD (project description), new tech and other company product impact change of PD,

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