10 Must-Have Games for Your BlackBerry PlayBook (+5 Honorable Mentions)


The PlayBook is shaping up to be a great gaming device. The form factor makes it portable and there are a few companies like Gameloft and EA pumping out some quality content. With support for Marmalade and Unity, there are some cool indie games hitting the PlayBook as well. For all the hate that the PlayBook gets, from a BlackBerry user perspective it’s great to have such complementary devices. Some people would carry a BlackBerry for work and an iPhone for play, and now you have a BlackBerry and a PlayBook. They go together nicely. So to fill your gaming time, here are 10 games you must have.

Dead Space

In no particular order, here are your must-have games:

1. Roboto - Roboto is a beautiful game that is simple and fun to play. You control a little robot on a surf board as you blast your way through levels and bosses. This is true casual gaming.

2. Star Front: Collision HD - If you liked Starcraft then you’ll like this game. Gameloft has created a great RTS game that mimics the Starcraft series and even allows for multiplayer.

3. Eternal Legacy - Eternal Legacy is a lot like the Final Fantasy series. The story line could be a lot better but the gameplay is still really fun. Upgrade your characters and discover a world of enemies, weapons and magic.

4. Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus HD - This game is a lot like Call of Duty Modern Warfare and the controls are really decent. There is a multiplayer option but it’s a little difficult considering the controls aren’t amazing. The single player mode still gives you hours of fun.

5. Spiderman: Total Mayhem HD - Spiderman has some excellent gameplay and is visually really great to look at. The game puts you against all the usual comic book villains and lets you websling around a map and beat up bad guys.

6. Machinarium - Machinarium is incredibly unique in its artwork and gameplay. The game has you following a storyline of a robot who seems to be just trying to get by but needs to solve a myriad of small puzzles along the way. Discover this creative world and push your mind to solve the puzzles.

7. SimCity Deluxe - If you liked the PC version of SimCity then you’ll surely enjoy this. Sometimes placing units can be a bit awkward but generally the game has everything you would expect of a SimCity game for PlayBook.

8. MADDEN NFL 12 - Football fans are going to enjoy the smooth gameplay and great graphics. With a ton of seasons at your disposal this game definitely has value.

9. Dead Space - This game is a great example of how games on the PlayBook can be visually stunning. The gameplay is fun and there is plenty of hours packed into the price.

10. NYT Crosswords - For those crossword puzzle fans the golden standard of crosswords is available on PlayBook. The NYT Crosswords app has a daily puzzle and subscription service.

Honorable mentions:

Assembler Mobile 2 HD - Assembler is a fun puzzle game that uses the PlayBook’s accelerometer. Tilt your PlayBook and place the boxes on the marked squares to solve the puzzle. It’s a lot of fun.

PopcornRush - This free game is really basic but it’s a fun intro game for people on the PlayBook. Try it as a first time download.

Sling Golf - Sling Golf has some really awesome cartoon graphics and lots of character and course options. With a free trial that gives you a taste for the game, you can’t go wrong.

GRave Defense HD - Tower defense fans will definitely get a kick out of this game by Marmalade. The graphics are great and the gameplay is fun.

Duke Nukem 3D - The controls need a lot of work but they’re also customizable. It’s just like the original PC version so get ready for nostalgia.

  • http://yousifabdullah.com Yousif Abdullah

    No mention of Samurai II: Vengeance? Pardon me, but to me this list has fail written all over it. Surely the author just overlooked something, right? Samurai II: Vengeance is perhaps the pinnacle of gaming on the BlackBerry PlayBook, in my humble opinion at least.

  • Anonymous

    More honourable mentions:

    - Spacelings…my favourite!

    - Burn the City

    - Need for Speed, can’t believe it’s free.

    - Dibbles.  Lemmings clone but too short unfortunately.

    - Doodleblast

    - Grave Defense HD (not really HD but an awesome tower defense game)

    - NOVA 2.  Best first person shooter.  I like it better than Deadspace and Modern Combat

    - Reckless Racing.  So much fun and awesome graphics.

    All in all, PlayBook is an unbelievable gaming platform!  Love it!

  • Flip

    PhysiCat is good stuff too, if you like physics and keeping cats from falling into water…

  • http://www.webcamporn.mobi/ save_me_from_iphone_porn

    I rather my iPhone than a blackberry personally. Bigger screen to watch tubes of porn and other good stuff…

  • Allan

    Dead Space for PlayBook??? Not anywhere that I can find!

  • Allan

    Dead Space for PlayBook??? Not anywhere that I can find!

  • http://about.me/kylemcinnes Kyle McInnes

    It’s everywhere. Just google it. 

  • http://about.me/kylemcinnes Kyle McInnes

    Great list @Zephran:disqus . I like the update to Doodleblast and I’m playing NOVA 2 these days. 

  • http://about.me/kylemcinnes Kyle McInnes

    You’re right. That should have definitely been on the list. I would write “fail” all over the article but I’m worried it might make it hard to read.

  • Anonymous

    You should also check out Magic Pen.  Big fan!

  • Allan


  • Smrkhan


  • playbooknewbie11

     I need the torrent… will you help me please.

  • Butter Lover99

    Dead space and modern combat all da way

  • Jack Volinko

    DaVinci Mystery is not bad at all for that list..