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5 Android Games We Want Ported to BlackBerry 10


The BlackBerry Dev Blog has recently reached out to developers and asked them to get their Android apps ready for the PlayBook OS 2 launch. The Android app grab makes a lot of sense for RIM’s platform, especially because BlackBerry 10 is going to launch with far fewer apps than a legacy BlackBerry user would have access to. How do you think people will react when they realize that their BlackBerry 10 smartphone won’t have all the apps they paid for, and the catalog of available apps could be 10,000 versus 60,000? RIM is going to have to grab a significant number of new developers and apps as well as convert many of its Java developers in order to create a solid app ecosystem at launch.
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mobilEncrypt by Echoworx Provides Cross-Platform Mobile Encryption


mobilEncrypt’s Endpoint software is an enterprise encryption solution for mobile users and works directly on the mobile device. Employees can send and receive encrypted messages using their company email address that can be easily centrally managed as well as the ability to revoke credentials if a device gets compromised.

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How the #BeBold Campaign Should Have Concluded


The Internet went a little mad with rage when RIM put out its completely harmless #BeBold infographic that tried to group everyone’s personas into superhero characters. The campaign made a lot of sense when it started though. RIM’s social media team had the good idea of piggy-backing on the New Year Resolutions because a resolution is about getting something done - an area where BlackBerry excels. The problem is that when the infographic came out, it was completely blown out of proportion as though this were some new ad campaign. But we can think of one obvious way the marketing initiative could have been better - apps.
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IM+ for BlackBerry updated to 10.1


Instant Messaging suite IM+ for BlackBerry has been updated. The full-featured Messaging app plugs into all the popular IM clients into a single all-in-one app.

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BlackBerry Business Cloud Services Launches for Microsoft Office 365


RIM has announced a new service that extends Microsoft Exchange to BlackBerry and allows customers to manage their BlackBerry deployments in the cloud. The service is available at no additional charge to current medium-sized or enterprise subscribers of the Office 365 suite or standalone Exchange Online and functions with BlackBerry deployments on business or consumer data plans.

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Extreme Startups Launches in Toronto With Up to $200K Funding For Companies


There’s a trend in the tech industry these days, especially in mobile, for tech accelerators. The general way these things work is that your company applies, and if accepted, is given a small sum of money up front to begin work on a product. For a period of anywhere between 3 and 6 months, companies in an accelerator work tremendously hard and are given support by mentors to get to a working product stage complete with demo. Ideally, startups leaving an accelerator will have enough traction to raise money to build an actual company. The most recent Canadian accelerator to launch is Extreme Startups, which is part of the same family as Xtreme Labs, whose BlackBerry apps we’ve written about many times.
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